Should we be scared of the Metaverse? - Patricia Haueiss - Chief Metaverse Office Web3 Academy

If you’re scared of your kid strapping on a VR headset, first test it yourself, try it out because this is what will decrease being scared and afraid about what this technology is, once you’re more familiar with it yourself you’re able to control and manage it better.

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👋 Patricia Haueiss is an NFT, DAO & web3 consultant from Sydney, Australia, with proven experience across industries delivering growth marketing and community strategies in line with business objectives.

With 8+ years of experience in the metaverse and blockchain space, Patricia was the perfect guest on today’s podcast to talk all things web3 and the future.

With her experience working with virtual reality, AI, e-commerce, SaaS businesses and creatives, Patricia understands what is necessary to deliver groundbreaking initiatives and create value. Patricia helps companies and creators shape their future by using her expertise, network, understanding of market mechanics and community-driven approach.​

Patricia is also the founder of MVCon (Metaverse Conference)

In today’s podcast, Patricia reveals the 7 key components of a successful NFT project.

(Spoiler: We believe Sisterhood ticks all 7 😜)

She also identifies the 6 core reasons why people want to buy NFTs

We’d love to know which one you might fall into.

🗝 Key questions Georgie asked on today’s podcast:

💜 What can brands and businesses do to ensure they make Web3 and technology inclusive and diverse?

💜 With people are concerned about the metaverse and its impact on their children. How are you overcoming questions about people's mental health and spending more time on technology?

💜 What does the future of web3 look like?

We hope you enjoy today’s episode.


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