From Junior Accounts Manager to CEO of Australia's #1 Digital Agency - Lauren Oakes, CEO of Megaphone & Women of the Year 2022 for International Business

Join our conversation with the CEO of the award-winning Melbourne-based digital agency, Megaphone, Lauren Oakes, as she shares her inspiring journey from Junior Account Manager to CEO. Discover how she leads Australia's number 1 digital agency business with over 120 employees. Lauren will delve into Megaphone's unique culture, including their learning-driven approach. Get to know Lauren's personal interests and hear about her passion for mentoring women in business. What a conversion! We can't wait to hear all of your feedback.

Connect with Lauren on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram @laurenoakesceo for more.



πŸŽ™ In today's podcast


πŸ’œ Lauren's journey from Junior Account Manager to CEO [5:05]

πŸ’œ What skills have helped you to progress in your career? [7:01]

πŸ’œ  How important are life experiences for a career? [9:36]

πŸ’œ What type of mindset does Lauren adopt in her life and career? [11:11]

πŸ’œ What advice would you give to "younger Lauren" looking back on your career? [14:50]

πŸ’œ How do you balance being a CEO with everything else in your life? [24:03]

πŸ’œ What motivates you now vs 7 years ago? [36:09]


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