7-Eleven x Sisterhood Club Partnership Announcement

Jan 30, 2023
7-Eleven x Sisterhood Club

Sisterhood Club x 7-Eleven


Sisterhood Club is excited to announce our partnership with 7-Eleven as we come together to promote and support gender diversity and inclusion across the technology industry.

Together, we will be working to provide opportunities for women in tech to connect, grow and flourish.

Through our networking events,  we provide a safe space for women to meet and learn from each other whilst showcasing women in leadership roles to attain knowledge from their experiences.

Through our podcast, we highlight successful women in technology, making their stories visible to show the path and possibilities in technology careers.

Through our job board, we will offer access to opportunities with companies that offer a safe and welcoming environment in technology.

Through our online education and resources, we strive to help women develop the skills and knowledge needed to make careers in technology accessible and appealing.

We believe diversity brings innovation, and this partnership will be instrumental in fostering more inclusive work cultures and encouraging more women and girls to consider a career in technology.

Sisterhood Club is looking forward to working with 7-Eleven as we work together to secure a woman’s place in the future of work.

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