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Welcome to the Sisterhood Club Socials, where we empower and inspire women to pursue and excel in a career in tech.

We understand that the tech industry can be challenging, which is why we've created a community for women to come together, discuss opportunities and strategies to succeed, and learn from each other.

Our events feature inspiring stories and expert advice on staying current with tech trends and advancing in the industry. Whether you're already in tech, considering a career change, or simply curious about the possibilities, we have something for you.

We believe diversity and inclusivity are key to shaping a better future, and that's why we're dedicated to supporting and promoting the success of women in technology. Join us as we work together to secure our place in the industry and shape the future.

Our Events

Upcoming Events

March 22nd 2023

Sisterhood Club is bringing together a panel of incredible women in technology for its first Sisterhood Social of 2023 ğŸ¥³ w/ Belinda Agnew, Merryn Matthews and Lauren Oakes

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Past Events

Sisterhood Club Social. Melbourne, Australia. July 2023 - Future Proof Your Career in the Age of AI

Sisterhood Club Social. Melbourne, Australia. March 2023 - Women in Tech

Sisterhood Club Social. Melbourne, Australia. October 2022 - Women in Web3

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Future Proof Your Career in the Age of AI: Live from the Sisterhood Club Social

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