The technology industry is facing a significant hiring problem and we need to address it now.

diversity technology Feb 15, 2023

There is no denying that technology is the future. 


We use technology every single day, and the pace that it is evolving will mean that multiple jobs become obsolete in the next 10 years. According to the Australian Governers Office, 3.5 million jobs will no longer be needed by 2035. 

However, Mckinsey estimates at least 1.2 million jobs will be created by 2030, all within the tech and digital space.

Knowing these numbers, ensuring the tech industry is appealing, assessable, and open to all genders, backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities is critical. 

Currently, only 28% of the tech workforce identifies as women; Sisterhood Club is on a mission to change this. 


The first step is to attract more women and girls into the tech workforce, which can be done in several ways. 

Here are a number of ideas to get started:


  1. Encouraging girls to pursue STEM education from a young age.

  2. Creating more inclusive and welcoming workplaces that support diversity and gender equity.

  3. Providing mentorship and networking opportunities for women in the industry.

  4. Offering training and professional development programs to help women acquire the skills they need to succeed in tech.

  5. Promoting role models and highlighting the achievements of women in tech to inspire and motivate others.

  6. Providing support for work-life balance, such as flexible work arrangements, family leave policies, and childcare options.

  7. Addressing unconscious bias and promoting equal pay and promotion opportunities for women.

  8. Collaborating with schools, universities, and community organizations to create pipelines for women to enter the tech industry.


Increasing the number of females in the workforce is an excellent step in the right direction when addressing technical hires; however, without proper inclusion, the benefits of gender diversity can be hindered by challenges such as burnout, turnover,  and lack of equality. 

Some women have left the technical workforce due to a lack of support, gender bias, and harassment in the workplace. 

Before building diverse teams, firstly, companies must address their current culture and assess whether or not it is set up for success when creating an inclusive place of work.  

Here are some tips for creating a workplace that supports women's success at all levels:


1. Revisit Policies and Practices:

Policies such as flexible working hours, family-friendly benefits, and equal pay for equal work benefit not only women but also the company. These policies can help attract and retain a more diverse workforce. If your company currently offers such benefits, make the market aware of this by promoting it within your job ads and marketing material.  


2. Consider Potential:

Focusing solely on experience and current competencies can limit your pool of talented female candidates who may not have had the opportunity to advance due to a lack of prior experience. Focus on potential and acknowledge that technical expertise is just one aspect of being a successful tech leader. Other qualities like communication, empathy, and adaptability are also crucial and arguably even more important when it comes to leading teams. Women typically make great leaders because of these softer skills. 


3. Invest in Inclusivity and Learning:

To maintain a diverse workforce, companies must be willing to address biases and provide opportunities for learning, mentorship, and personal development. Educate and empower people within the organization to actively embrace new ways of thinking and provide time within the work week for self-development to encourage a growth mindset.  


4. Promote diversity through your leadership team:

The leadership team sets the tone for the entire organization and can be a powerful force in promoting diversity and inclusion. Encourage your leaders to embrace diversity in their thinking and to lead by example in creating a more inclusive workplace. 


5. Foster an environment of continuous learning:

The workplace should always be a place of personal and professional growth. Encourage employees to learn about diverse cultures and perspectives and provide opportunities for them to do so, such as diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and events. Doing so, you help create a more inclusive and respectful workplace for everyone. 



Despite some progress in the diversity and inclusion movement, women in the tech industry still face significant obstacles. 

It's essential to take deliberate and positive steps towards building a more inclusive environment, which will not only support the growth of talented female leaders but also provide a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. 

Are you looking to improve Gender Diversity in your business? 

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