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Welcome to the Sisterhood Podcast, where we empower women to transition and pivot into a balanced and successful career in tech.

We know that the tech industry can be intimidating... especially for women.

That is why we discuss the challenges and opportunities women face, how to navigate them, and how women can position themselves as leaders in the space.

We'll bring inspiring stories and practical advice from leading experts who'll provide valuable insights on the latest tech trends and how they'll impact our future.

Whether you're a student just starting out, a professional looking for a change, or an entrepreneur looking to build a tech business, this show is for you.

At the Sisterhood Club Podcast, we're dedicated to securing a place for women in the future of work. We believe diversity and inclusivity are vital in shaping a better future, and that's why we're committed to promoting and supporting the success of women in technology.

We believe the future belongs to those equipped with the skills and knowledge to take advantage of it. And that's why we're here, to provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed and secure your place in the industry. So join us, and let's shape the future together!

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Voices behind the Mic

Georgie Hubbard

Georgie is passionate about female entrepreneurship, empowerment and equality, and is on a mission to help her fellow Sisters step up to their true potential. 


Pam Caldwell

Pam is a mother, entrepreneur and the also the CEO of CH Solutions. Having 2 young daughters, Pam is extremely passionate about female empowerment and equality.


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