Crushing Self-Doubt: Strategies to Boosting confidence for career success - Jac Phillips, CMO, Executive Coach and Speaker

We were excited to speak with Jac Phillips, CMO, Executive Coach, Advisor and Speaker today.

Jac recently stepped away from a 25-year corporate marketing and communications career to become "the best boss she's ever had."

Jac is passionate about two things: leadership and marketing. As a coach, she helps individuals become better, more impactful leaders who make the world (and those in it) more joyful. 

Jac now has what is commonly called a "Portfolio Career," working as a non-executive director, offering advisory services in marketing, culture, leadership, tech, banking, and finance, and serving as an executive coach, speaker, and writer. She also offers marketing advisory services to leaders across various industries.

With extensive international experience across multiple industries, Jac has a passion for improving diversity and creating an inclusive workforce, which is what she coaches and advises businesses on.


ğŸŽ™ In today's podcast


💜 Where to start when building confidence, and how it's the foundation on which everything is built on

💜 Transitioning careers and how you can bring your skills with you into other industries.

💜 How to not let fear hold you back - believing in yourself and getting your support network.

💜 The power of using your voice - speaking up and sharing your ideas     


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