Menopause SOS: Saving Careers and Empowering Women at work with Melissa MacGowan, Founder Meno Collective

In today's Career Confidence Podcast, we explore the world of menopause and the workplace challenges that women face during this transformative stage of life. Join us as we dive into a fascinating conversation with Melissa MacGowan, the visionary founder of Meno Collective.

Melissa is a mum of 4, a veteran Fortune 500 C-suite Executive, a leadership coach, a menopause educator and an advocate. She is passionate about supporting women through their menopause transition. She believes knowledge and guidance are power. 

Melissa held numerous Human Resources leadership roles around the globe. She has a Graduate Certificate in Business and Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science and Physical Education, complemented by personal and work experience in health and fitness.

After leaving her corporate career to prioritise her health, Melissa discovered the alarming lack of awareness surrounding menopause's impact at work. In response, she established Meno Collective, a groundbreaking initiative that combines decades of expertise in Human Resources and coaching with accredited menopause programs and medical endorsements. With their Menopause Friendly Workplace Accreditation Program and transformative Menopause Work & Life Transformation Program, Meno Collective empowers organisations to create supportive environments, protect midlife careers, and embrace menopause as a collective responsibility. Tune in to learn how Meno Collective is revolutionising workplace culture and fostering positive change for women navigating menopause.


ğŸŽ™ In today's podcast


💜 What are some of the symptoms and changes in hormones that we should be looking out for during perimenopause?

💜 How can we be better prepared and proactive in navigating the transition of menopause?

💜 What are some strategies for practising self-compassion and listening to our bodies during perimenopause and menopause?

💜 How can we support women in maintaining their careers and empower them to view menopause as an opportunity rather than a setback?

💜 What steps can we take to have an open dialogue about menopause and provide women with the necessary tools and support to navigate this stage of life successfully?


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