What If You Could Make Yourself Proud? Insights on Living Authentically and Forging Your Own Career Path - Wendy Zveglic

Meet Wendy Zveglic, a visionary leader who has not only risen from being a bank teller to the VP of Engineering at Fluent Commerce but also dedicated herself to guiding and empowering individuals and professional teams to achieve remarkable high-performance outcomes.

Wendy's journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, fearless determination, and a commitment to personal growth.

As a passionate advocate of innovation and talent development, Wendy's insights resonate far beyond her own career trajectory. She's a speaker, storyteller, and a leader of leaders, embodying the spirit of service leadership and a growth mindset.

Throughout this episode, you'll discover how she navigated challenges and embraced authenticity.

You'll gain valuable insights into the importance of forging your own career path, living authentically, and, most importantly... making yourself proud


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💜 Unleash Your Potential:

Wendy emphasises that we hold the power to shape our own narrative. Waiting for permission is unnecessary; we are the authors of our own stories.

💜 Overcome Imposter Syndrome:

Addressing imposter syndrome and self-doubt is crucial for our career success

💜 Celebrate Small Wins:

Recognising and celebrating achievements is essential, no matter how minor. Wendy encourages creating a "brag sheet" to document accomplishments, providing a source of motivation during challenging times.

💜 Living Authentically:

Why is it important to "run our own race?" Learn how to be authentic rather than seek external validation.

💜 Role Models and Visibility:

Women must be visible role models for young girls. Wendy highlights the importance of showcasing successful women pursuing their ambitions and how it positively impacts the next generation.

💜Stepping Up and Using Your Voice:

Wendy urges women to take charge of their lives. Waiting for rescue or approval is unnecessary; we have the power to change our circumstances. It's important to ask, "If not me, then who?"


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